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Name Panels up to Six letters
  • Name Panels up to Six letters

    These wonderful name panels are all individually made for your little ones.  Each letter is made with hand applied felt with embroidered details.  Every letter has a lovely little character with it such as lobster with L or whale with W.    The letters can be in the original shown colours in the alphabet piece for a rainbow effect or can be shades of your favourite colours, blues, purples,greens etc.  The name panels are embroidered on ivory silk dupion but if you have a special fabric that you would like it stitched on, to make it extra special just get in touch. For example a piece of wedding dress fabric or a special item of clothing or furnishing fabric.  

    The name panels are all hand embroidered in the UK.

    It comes with white box frame with Perspex ready to be hung.
    • Details

      Product Details

      The name panels are worked on a ivory silk dupion background. The appliqué pieces are hand cut from premium 40% Wool, 60% Viscose felt. The hand embroidery is worked in a mixture of stranded cotton and silk thread with a little wool to add texture in places. There are also glass beads, crystals and gold thread used in places.
      The finished picture is stretched over and stitched to covered hand cut mount board ready to pop in to the white box frame with Perspex.


      Up to six letter names come in a frame 34cm x 24 cm (13.3” x 9.4”) approximate

      Postage and wrapping included
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