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The D Day Landings

The D Day Landings

The eye-catching D-Day landings tapestry shows the early stages of the campaign. The flags represent the main contributors in manpower; unfortunately limited space wouldn’t allow all those contributing to be shown. The main three types of landing craft are stylized and placed in the water for artistic effect. The airborne elements are shown by green parachute symbol of the glider and Dakota aircraft, any further reference to the important work of the air forces would have over complicated the picture. 

This is a powerful image instantly recognizable to many. The one I stitched is made up into a cushion and is on my chair along with the Battle of Britain in the study.

All Tapestry Kits by The Historic Tapestry Shop are fully colour printed on Zweigart 12 count White Interlock canvas in the UK. Each kit comes in a lovely bag with plenty of wool to complete the kit with the two supplied needles, a handy stitch guide and chart for the design you have picked.
  • Details

    Full colour print on 12 count canvas.
    Amply wool to complete kit.
    Size-18" x 10" / 46cm x 25.5cm approx.
    Ref: HT-WW2 018
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